Nanfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd of Taizhou (originally called Taizhou Pharmaceutical Factory) locates in the national scenic resort site-----Xianju, Zhejiang province. It was established in October, 1996; and the new company came into being in September, 1997 after reform.
        The company is surrounded by mountains and rivers, which has a good scenery and convenient transportation. It is a special company for more than ten kinds of Chinese traditional medicine and patent medicine such as tablets, hard capsules, granules, syrups, vinums, and tinctures, etc. All of the production lines have achieved the GMP in China. With powerful technical staff, advanced production lines and supporting delicate examining instrument, our company is able to produce 1 billion tablets, more than 500 tons of granules, 50 million tablets of hard capsules each year. And we also can extract medicine from more than 1 thousand tons of Chinese herbs every year. There are 104 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine and patent medicine having national authorization numbers, more than 50 kinds of medicine being classified into national social insurance catalogue. More than 20 kinds of medicine were listed in the catalogue of basic medicine in 2009 after the medical reform.  Gubenkechuan tablet----the NO.1 medicine in our company, has been put on the list of the State-Level II protecting production of Chinese traditional medicine.
        The management team of our company is refined and efficient, and the technical staff is high-professional. Our aim is “ being concerned with the human beings’ health, creating fine medicine continuously”. We will firmly establish the quality assurance system which is fit for the GMP in China. In the recent 10 years, we have achieved brilliant fruits through making full use of high-technical staff, establishing medical study center, constructing innovation platform, and carrying out the strategy of boosting the company through scientific and technical advances. Tiaojingyangxie pill stands out because it is sole in China. It is highly praised by consumers for its high quality and curative effect.


Gatherthe talent all over the world,take natural cream,produce the excellentmedicine,offer the most sincerity and love for humanity's health.

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